Meat Smoking Service

Meat Smoking Service

​Res-Q-N BBQ specializes in smoking beef or pork for individuals and area meat processors. Our smoke house can handle small to large batches and guarantee a very quick turnaround. With our smoking service, you can choose Simple Smoke, Res-Q-N Dry Rub or Res-Q-N Dry/Wet combination that is used on our award winning BBQ ribs.

For Individuals:

For individuals, simply drop off your USDA inspected meats at our smokehouse. Minimum order is 20lbs. Great smoking meats include brisket, ribs, Boston Butt, chops and more!

For Area Meat Processors:

For area meat processors, we’ll arrange to pick up your meats. Minimum order is 20lbs. Our smokehouse is open all year round and guarantees a quick turnaround for your customers.

Smoke House

“We usually buy our meat by the quarter or half of beef and pork and get the cuts that are great smoked but those cuts usually end up at the bottom of the freezer. Res-Q-N BBQ to the Rescue! Now we drop off our briskets and ribs and the smoked meat we get back are family favorites. Now they are the cuts that get used up first!”

Bill K., Fountain City, WI

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